Email validation tools: Top 3 reasons to make it a must-do

Email validation starts with the most important element: checking the email addresses themselves. As numerous studies of the mailing market show, it is erroneous data in the addresses that most often causes a waste of resources, including time for mailing and attention to creating unique messages. But this is not the only reason for the need to perform email validation tools, which, for example, the service offers in automated mode.

An objective assessment of the possibilities

Anyone can make a mistake when writing an email address. Often, and because of this mistake, the email address “arrives” as an invalid response. Emails sent to these invalid email addresses are returned, and this lowers the deliverability rate. But that’s not even the most important thing. A company’s marketing is left without the ability to objectively assess the business environment. Important data for understanding the response of potential buyers, will be irrelevant. First of all, it will refer to such data:

– the total number of mailings;

– coverage of clients and potential buyers;

– percentage of messages in spam;

– percentage of unread messages for other reasons;

– chances of reading and customer activity.

There may be another disadvantage – the amount of inaccurate information can tend to an indicator that will reduce the study to a figure that has a critical impact on data quality. Thus, due to inaccurate information, the relevance of analytics is reduced to zero. To put it simply, the working time of specialists is wasted, and the company receives unreliable information about the market.

New customer information that they don’t have to give you, but they might

Clients don’t have to confirm changes in their email address. A person may have a variety of reasons for this, including being busy with current affairs and wanting to separate themselves from the information noise. Therefore, the unreliability of email address data may mean something else. However, if there is a chance to contact the client:

– by telephone;

– through a social network;

– direct communication, you should do it.

And then instead of a lost contact, you can update the data on the important contact, and not lose a valuable client.

Updating the data

Another important feature of updating email data is the ability to keep the information up-to-date and up to date. This is very important in the aspect of business expansion, because in today’s environment only the activity and reliability of data and minimizing the cost of unproductive contacts will allow you to remain competitive.


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