How to Send and Receive Faxes Seamlessly with Your iPhone

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the ability to send and receive faxes through your iPhone can be a significant convenience. With the advent of sophisticated fax apps, this once cumbersome process has become streamlined and user-friendly. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly send and receive faxes using your iPhone.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Fax App

First, you need to select a reliable Fax App from the Apple App Store. Look for apps with high user ratings and reviews that mention ease of use, reliability, and good customer support. Some popular options include Fax App, Fax Plus, and iFax.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Account

Once you’ve downloaded your chosen app, the next step is setting up your account. Most apps will require you to sign up with your email and create a password. Some apps might offer a free trial period, while others may require an immediate subscription for full functionality.

Step 3: Sending a Fax

Preparing Your Document

To send a fax, you first need to prepare the document. This can be done in several ways:

  • Scanning a physical document using your iPhone camera.
  • Uploading a file from your phone storage, email, or cloud service.
  • Creating a new document within the app if it offers editing tools.

Entering Fax Details

Once your document is ready:

  • Enter the recipient’s fax number.
  • Add a cover page if required, which most apps allow you to customize.
  • You may also be able to add additional notes or annotations to your document.

Sending the Fax

After reviewing your document and ensuring all details are correct:

  • Hit the send button.
  • The app should provide a confirmation once the fax has been successfully transmitted.
  • Some apps also provide delivery reports for added assurance.

Step 4: Receiving a Fax

To receive faxes, your fax app will likely provide you with a virtual fax number. Here’s how it works:

  • Share this virtual fax number with the people who will fax you.
  • Incoming faxes are automatically received by the app.
  • You’ll receive a notification, and the fax will appear in your app’s inbox.

Step 5: Managing Your Faxes

Most fax apps offer organizational features. You can usually:

  • View sent and received faxes in your history or archive.
  • Sort or label faxes for easy retrieval.
  • Delete or export faxes as needed.

Tips for Efficient Fax Management

  1. Regularly Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version for optimal performance and security.
  2. Keep Track of Your Subscription: Be aware of any trial periods or subscription renewals.
  3. Use Secure Wi-Fi Connections: Especially when sending sensitive information.
  4. Explore Advanced Features: Some apps offer features like electronic signatures or integration with other apps.


Sending and receiving faxes via your iPhone can significantly enhance your productivity and communication efficiency. By choosing the right app and following these simple steps, you can manage all your faxing needs directly from your phone, no matter where you are. This modern approach to a traditional method of communication not only saves time but also aligns with the mobile-centric preferences of today’s world.


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